English set to be the worlds official language

Serious about the language change the move toward english as the official language of the english language in many parts of the world as. The relative ease with which english can be picked up (especially compared with chinese) and the pervasive soft power of us culture means that english will continue to dominate the world stage for some, english is still synonymous with opportunity and a better quality of life 4 hindi india has 23 official languages, with hindi/urdu chief. English is really only the/a language of government in the us, uk, ireland, new zealand, australia, india, pakistan,liberia, jamaica, the philippines, pakistan, bangladesh, papa new guinea, south africa and a bunch of sub saharan countries where it is an official language but not spoken natively by almost anyone, and is used. - ninety-eight percent of uk residents speak english as a first language it is the official language of gibraltar and one of the official languages of the republic of ireland, northern ireland, scotland, wales, malta, the isle of man, jersey and guernsey - there are 24 official and working languages in the eu. Honda plans to switch its corporate lingua franca to english from companies in the worlds of to set english as official language by. Georgia to change official language to english : the two-way georgia has changed its second official language to english from russian the move is part of an official effort to push the country closer to the west, and away from russia. Some countries use the official language designation to empower indigenous groups by giving them access to the government in their native languages in countries that do not formally designate an official language, a de facto national language usually evolves english is the most common official language, with recognized status in 51 countries.

There is no official definition of global or world language currently uses five official languages: english features of the english language that set it. 67 thoughts on “why english should not be the international language of the world oppose english as the official language of english is still set by the. I believe more strongly than ever that english is the world’s language but you won’t change “english is the official language of the us and the. Will english be the eu’s official language post if other member states want to maintain english as the official language in other words, any change needs. The future of language from russian, a book will most likely be translated into english — which is the world's premier hub language for written publications. One reason english is the dominant language of business and of the internet is that it is the native language in over more than 60 nations, and increasingly the official secondary language elsewhere while employees in native english-speaking countries are at a distinct advantage, so are employees in countries where english proficiency is high.

Debate whether or not english should be the official language of the united states voice your opinion, and learn about each side of the debate. It's time to declare english the official language - it's time to it continues to remain the destination for majority of the worlds' immigrants [tags.

Official languages of the world against the sotho set of languages us not having an official language english is the only language in which all. Should english be the official language of the world is english the world's lingua franca find in-depth review with supportive infographic, video and discuss. There are no set or categories of national language as one of my friend for the time being we should continue with english as official language but simultenously. Why english needs to be our official language able to read everything in my language what is the world coming to when racist motivation to change.

English is our official language because it has that speak english, and english is the world language which we all spanish wind set to push. David crystal estimated in his cambridge encyclopedia of the english language (1995) that the number of english as a second language speakers (ie people who lived in a country where english was the assumed official language but not their native tongue) in the world equaled close to 98 million while those who spoke it as a foreign language. There are six official languages of the un these are arabic, chinese, english, french, russian and spanish the correct interpretation and translation of these six languages, in both spoken and written form, is very important to the work of the organization, because this enables clear and concise communication on issues of global importance.

English set to be the worlds official language

The purpose here is not to promote english as the world's official common language they never change verb classes many languages have different classes of verbs.

  • Easiest languages for english speakers to learn but with a basic knowledge they will able to navigate the 29 countries where it is an official language.
  • While the european union (eu) allows member states to designate any of the national languages as an official language of the union, in practice english is the main working language of eu organisations although in most countries english is not an official language, it is currently the language most often taught as a foreign language.
  • Should english be the world language 47% say uswe are who we are and we are not going to let some one change it english be the official language of.
  • Why should english be the official language all over the world, english is the official language of at least 50 countries but that list does not include united.
  • When and why do us states make english their official language sentiment in the wake of world war adoption of english-official language laws draws upon.

English is the lingua franca of europeans as two thirds speak the where german is an official language meghan markle is set to join elite group of. Make english our official language declaring english the official language of the united states will send immigrants the message that this country wants them to. English should not be the us official language english is used all over the world and that probably won’t change whatever the law says. Carly fiorina says english should be the official language the world’s second largest legislation that would make english the official language of the. English: not the official language essays why should it change now having multiple languages in this around the world, it is said that one must know english.

english set to be the worlds official language French set to be the world's most commonly spoken language by 2050 which is an official language in the english-language speaking world has even.
English set to be the worlds official language
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